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Personalize your outreach and look professional in front of your prospects, combine our various follow up steps and set your mind at ease.

  • Perzonalized follow up messages
  • Likes and endorsements
  • Personalized images and voicemails
  • Auto reply powered by ChatGPT 4

Track multiple profiles

Get your team of SDR's on one dashboard and keep your pipeline organized. Avoid duplicate prospecting and get the maximum out of your lists.

  • Admin access
  • Sharing lists between profiles
  • Copy campaigns between profiles
  • Export Conversations


Connect LinkedElf with your CRM and create contact information with just one click, while saving your prospects on labeled lists.

  • Webhook integration with Zapier & Make
  • Multiple trigger options
  • Native Integrations (coming soon)


Use our integrated inbox and stay organized when replying back to your prospects, filter by status and much more.

  • Continue campaign after prospect replies
  • Craft a list of the most common objections
  • Schedule messages to be sent later


Build a list of prospects using one of our search types or upload a csv file if you already have a targeted list of prospects.

  • Sales Navigator and Recruiter lists
  • LinkedIn events, groups and posts lists
  • CSV upload

Free Inmails (Open Profiles)

Reach out to prospects that are not your connections and initiate a conversation without having to be connected with them.

  • Compatible with all profiles
  • Message, VM & Image step
  • More than 100 messages daily

Video Outreach (NEW)

Send personalized videos to your prospects and increase the chance of booking meetings by looking professional and describing you offer in detail.

  • Record yourself
  • Record your prospect's profile
  • Video templates

Email outreach (coming soon)

Synchronize your email address and send emails to your prospects, make this the perfect multichannel approach for your business.

  • Business email credits
  • Email warm up
  • Compatible with all providers

Return on Investment

Average ROI when using LinkedElf is 1-4 months, depending on your industry and ICP (ideal client profile)

  • Avg. Connection Rate

  • Avg. Reply Rate

Frequently asked questions

LinkedElf is compatible with all types of accounts

Our support team can help you build a list on one of their Sales Navigators and transfer the results to your profile, you will still get highly targeted list of leads without having to pay for a Sales Navigator license

You can cancel your subscription at any time, without hidden costs and still get the remaining days of the paid period (monthly, quarterly or annual)

LinkedElf does not have contracts, you can cancel anytime and get the remaining days of the plan

LinkedElf can help any person doing outreach on LinkedIn, regardless of the industry, market, Ideal Client Profile, etc..

LinkedElf has a team of Customer support agents that will help you anytime, if it's something more complicated, you can do a live call to resolve the issue

Unlock a superior LinkedIn outreach experience

Engage the appropriate audience with precisely tailored messaging to enhance both your outreach effectiveness and conversational impact. Tailoring your outreach efforts has a quantifiable impact on how prospects respond positively and their likelihood to schedule a meeting with you.

Save time and focus on selling

  • LinkedElf can easily save you up to 12 hours per week for LinkedIn prospecting. We can help you set up the workflow and set you free from boring day to day tasks.
  • Integration between tools is a crucial part of the outreach, with our webhook integration, you can connect LinkedElf with any other platform and get instant notification when a person replies or create a new contact information in your CRM, with just ONE click.
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